Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

Karaage fried chicken is a type of Japanese cuisine (pronounced: kah-rah-ah-geh). Japanese cuisine this one is one of the popular culinary dish, usually served as an appetizer, as well can be served with a menu or lunch bento (lunch box). Japanese Karaage usually made from chicken cutlet dimarinasi with garlic, ginger and soy sauce Japanese then breaded and fried spices submerged in hot oil until brown and "crispy". .

Sunny Gold Chicken Karaage Karaage adopted from the Japanese concept, but has been modified and adapted to the distinctive taste of the archipelago and guaranteed "Halal". Chicken meat used is chicken thigh without bone and skin, while the seasoned flour coating used is a combination of various starch that can form on the surface layer of crispy and crunchy while the meat inside tender and juicy. The cooking process using the technique of "Flash Frying" and proceed with the process improvement maturity "Oven", this technique produces a final product that is perfectly ripe, attractive colors, crisp and crunchy texture and most importantly do not absorb much oil.