Chicken Hot and Spicy Wings / Chicken Tulip Wings

Commercialization of the poultry market and technological developments have shifted the frozen storage of consumer behavior to separate the parts of chicken favorites. Since old people are used to treat all parts of the chicken as a food ingredient, usually wings, neck and chicken feet are used as a food flavoring soups and broths. The main part of the breast, upper thigh and the lower thigh is the most high value while the rest is only used as a soup mix. Trend culinary arts offer chicken wings processed is processed in such a way that it becomes a very interesting appetizer foods and preferred by consumers.

Chicken wing products processed using a variety of techniques different pieces as his trademark, in a hermetic marinasi with herbs and special sauce, then baked with a "continuous oven" to generate a level of maturity, tenderness, juicyness and optimal performance. Some brands do not use the "Chick Wing Tip" but only use the "Chick drummed Wing" and "Middle Chick Wing" course. Sunny Gold Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings presents "Chick Wing Tip" which together with "Middle Chick Wing" was named L-Wing while "Chick Wing drummed" called the Wing Stick, whereas Tulip Chicken Wings manually molded to resemble flower "Tulip" blooming.