The word sausage is derived from the Latin word "Salsus", which means salted or preserved. Antiquity, where the engine coolant has not been found to preserve meat, the sausage-making into one of the alternatives.

Historically, it is thought sausage was first made by the Sumerians (now Iraq) around the year 300 BC. Sausage was first identified from the Greek documents written around the year 500 BC. In the development of the sausage has become a global food, and Germany as the center country. For the German sausage is including food primary (principal) that is more than 1200 kinds of sausage are produced in Germany.

Initially, a meat processing experts had the idea to bring together the ground beef with salt and spices - spices are put together using a sleeve. Then the meat is cooked shells with boiled, smoked or dried. Fumigation become one of the popular methods of preservation to this day, even becoming "distinctive flavor".

Sausage bread can be used as the contents (such as hot dogs, sausage roll or even wrapped in a tortilla), boiled or as an ingredient in soups and stir fry dishes. Sausage today can be generally grouped into two types, namely:

1. Type of sausage that uses raw materials of meat substitutes, flour, dyes and artificial flavorings to approach the taste and texture of meat as closely as possible with pure meat '
2. Type other more premium using pure meat, fresh herbs and vegetables to further highlight the flavor.

Sunny Gold sausage and chicken sausage Ciki Wiki is, the quality is as good as the raw material composition contained therein. The selection of raw materials is a key determining quality sausages, meat must be fresh or frozen, are of good quality and have a comparison between protein and fat binding fit resulting emulsion stability is good. Meat should be clean and should not be contaminated by bacteria or other microorganisms, in other words, the meat used for the sausages Sunny Gold and Ciki Wiki is a high-quality meat. The selection of herbs and spices with the appropriate comparison is a very important thing to be able to co-exist and produce a satisfactory product.

To ensure food safety standards, the temperature of the meat must be maintained during the process of grinding and mixing kept as cold as possible. The level of fineness of grinding process is set according to the target formation emulsion consistency and uniformity of mixing herbs and spices that give the impression of a distinctive flavor. Formation of sausage made ​​by the process of filling into the shell "casing" as desired diameter, and then the sausage is cooked before it is packed for storage and distribution.