Chicken Nugget Sunny Gold & Ciki Wiki
(Original, Stick dan Dino)

Processed chicken has very many variations and types in this archipelago, the most practical course was fried chicken. Fried chicken will be more varied again if treated with additional spices, fried chicken flour began with typical country-style seasoning until chicken archipelago like chicken Balado, betutu chicken, chicken satay etc. Preparations are being trend and very practical in both the public markets, namely traditional and modern markets nuggets.

Modern society today certainly know anyone named nugget products, according to practicality often relied nuggets into food during cooking busy and could not because of time constraints. Nugget is a delicious food and almost all processed chicken meat taste delicious, the chicken meat as the base material itself is not a new food ingredient for most people, let alone plus spices and herbs, the more complete deliciousness. Chicken is one of the significant results of livestock for consumption by humans in order to metabolism. Even in terms of social and economic consumption of chicken meat in a regular household shopping list can indicate the economic level of a family. As a food source, nutritional content of chicken meat has a fairly complete and has an appeal to consumers to consume. Chicken meat can be processed by pan-fried, fried, baked, or processed into other products. One of the products of the meat is processed food called nuggets.

Chicken nuggets and Ciki Wiki Sunny Gold is one of the semi-finished products processed food made ​​from ground meat flavored, mixed with a binder, then printed in a certain form, covered with adhesive powder (milk batter) and breaded (breading). Sunny Gold Nugget and Ciki Wiki fried half-baked and cured with the "oven" and frozen to preserve quality during storage. Making chicken nuggets Sunny Gold and Ciki Wiki using good quality chicken meat with relatively small pieces and irregular or can also come from the meat chickens are deliberately raised for the benefit of industrial raw materials processed chicken.

Innovation conducted by PT. Food Malindo Sunny Delight produces chicken nuggets Gold and Ciki Wiki with adjustable quality level of economy-class consumer market both modern and traditional markets. Sunny chicken nuggets Gold and Ciki Wiki created by adopting the concept of making a home nugget "home made", with several advantages:
1. Accentuate the meat fibers and semi-emulsion mixing technique so that when pressed will easily destroyed and not rubbery.
2. The upholstery on the outside of the bread flour is not hollow and blend with the meat on the inside.
3. flesh texture is quite stable when hot or cold, in other words do not become hard and tough when cold.
4. The outer surface is dry and does not absorb much oil after frying.

Judging from the composition of the nutritional value, good chicken nuggets Sunny Gold and Ciki Wiki although classified as a food that is cooked and fast food, processed chicken meat is very rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Chicken nuggets and Ciki Wiki Sunny Gold is perfect to meet one of the needs of urban communities today, the availability of food that is ready-to-cook (ready to cook) practical

in the presentation, and ready to eat (ready to eat) and can meet the daily nutritional needs. Ready to cook means just takes a little time to prepare and serve it. Sunny chicken nuggets Gold and Ciki Wiki widely available in the market in the form of frozen, both in traditional markets and supermarkets. In the science of food in the form of frozen food has many advantages, particularly in relation to efforts to save the nutritional value and flavor. Nutrients generally be easily damaged during storage and distribution are carried out at room temperature. Frozen temperature storage techniques (Frozen) is performed at the right temperature, it is useful to extend the shelf life of the product and the benefits of the nutrients contained in it though does not use preservatives.

Sunny chicken nuggets Gold and Ciki Wiki breaded and are available in various forms such as the original planar, elongated box, and shape the character of dinosaurs that interest children. Malindo Food Delight also has developed a type of coating that adopts the concept of chicken nuggets coating of tempura-style food typical "Japanese" chicken nuggets called "Tempura" Sunny Gold.