Chicken Nugget Tempura Sunny Gold

Tempura (天 ぷ ら, 天 麩 羅, 天婦羅?) Or tenpura at first is Japanese food such as seafood, vegetables, or other foodstuffs are dipped in batter form of wheat flour and egg yolk diluted with cold temperature water and then fried with cooking oil that much until light yellow.

Sunny Gold tempura chicken nuggets can be interpreted as a different way of frying with furai (Japanese term for deep fry). Chicken nuggets Sunny Gold in this manner fried "tempura" is dipped in tempura batter. By contrast, the fried chicken nuggets are deep fry nuggets coating process carried out consecutively starting with the flour, milk batter, and last panir flour.

Used cooking oil for frying tempura cooking oil should be clean and have not been used to fry other foods. In upscale restaurants provide a menu of tempura, usually used a mixture of sesame oil and cottonseed oil as a medium is used for frying tempura. Used cooking oil for frying tempura tempura oil is often called (天 ぷ ら 油 Abura tempura?) Which is a term for various types of cooking oils such as canola oil, salad oil, or sunflower oil.

In Japanese, tempura batter called koromo (衣?, Clothes) as like "clothes" that encloses the foodstuff. Tempura batter made ​​from low protein flour mixture is cooled first, protein powder, and cold water (ice water). All materials stirred rapidly until slightly fluffy foam evenly formed. In general, when frying oil temperature is about 160 ℃ s / d 190 ℃ and process briefly until done frying tempura batter changes color.