Kajian Mutu

With a look similar experience at the regional level and see low levels of chicken protein consumption in Indonesia Malindo doing business by starting downstream food processing business. MFD factory located industrial region with facilities of modern buildings, with supporting highly professional wastewater treatment plants that are environmentally friendly and also site plan that was designed so that the process plant start to finish takes place sequentially and there is no cross contamination.

We invest in the latest technology available in the market in which the products we produce are products that are ready to eat.

We carry machines from europe who have eligibility to always guaranteed quality of food and hygiene products, trained professionals into primary choice MFD to maintain and enhance the resulting processed products.

QC conducted the screening process of raw materials or chicken meat, spices, processed chicken meat manufacturing process, frying, maturation, freezing, dough preparation, fumigation, warehouse packaging material and metal detectors. This must be done so that the processed products will be comfortable and safe for consumption society.

Distribution system is done directly without intermediaries, distribution vehicles equipped with a cooling chamber so that the product didalamnnya maintained in a frozen state until arriving at the consumer. Plan ahead is the product can send it to remote areas and reach out to the outside of the island of Java.

MFD has had the required International standards such certificates:
- Brand Certificate
- MUI Halal Certificate
- Control Certificate Verteriner
- Certificate of POM
- ISO 22000 : 6500

Which ensures that the products produced high quality and all supporting facilities have an excellent standard of eligibility.

The initial process of making nuggets and sausage starts from the selection of high-quality chickens from farms Malindo, the chickens will be taken to the slaughterhouse or slaughter house for chicken meat used as the base material, the production process of preparing chicken nuggets followed by skin oil emulsion, premix preparation , the process of grinding the meat will be fed into the mixer to be used as a dough. The dough is cooled in cold storage or referred frizzing easy process that can be formed on the forming process and then followed by battering and breading process which gives a layer of wet dough and bread crumbs to the outer layer of nuggets. Nugget is ready to be fried in the frying process, this process lasted for a few minutes until the outer layer is crispy and brown nugget nuggets keemasanigoreng will be fed into the oven or cooking process called that has perfect maturity level. Once cooked perfectly nuggets incorporated into a spiral freezer.